Losing Significance – the present fear of the Church in the West


In churches throughout the West there is a fear which is beginning to surface with greater frequency. Some ministry leaders are confused by it. Some have not yet been acquainted with it. Some dwell so near the precipice of hope lost that acknowledging this fear might very well be the last cruel wind needed to send them over the edge. It is the fear of increasing insignificance in our work, especially as the world around us is so quickly changing.

Now let me be clear. The significance and relevance of the gospel is not in question. Jesus saves. Powerfully. And that will not change. The insignificance we fear, I believe, is related to our specific ministries; especially those that have existed for any length of time and whose history is marked be great moments of grace and fruitfulness in the work of the gospel. Times are changing… rapidly. Many of us fear that the significance of our ministries (churches, non-profits, bible-study groups, campus outreaches, etc.) will fade and that we will be around to see it.  [Read more…]